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Knowledge Base

Save Yourself Hours of Work Each Week

DealPage allows you to instantly search across your data and turn the findings into usable answers. Build a trusted source of information and outsource the busy work to our AI Assistant, Paige.

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Use Cases

Fact Finding

Get detailed, interactive answers for even the most technical questions about your products and services.

Ask Paige to:

"Explain our encryption policies in 3 sentences."

"Create a markdown table of our integrations."


Answer your SDRs questions instantly,  helping them close more deals and take less of your time.

Deflect Questions Like:

"Can customers self-host the knowledge base?"

"What telecom companies have we worked with before?"


Use Paige to accelerate response time and improve the quality of your customer support. 

Leverage AI to:

"Draft an email to Acme explaining how to enable dark mode"

"How should I help Acme debug a firewall issue?"


DealPage fits into your existing workflows. Get started in a few clicks with our pre-built integrations and interfaces.

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  • Connects and stays in sync with existing tools like Notion, Google Drive, and Confluence.

  • Ask questions and get answers from any interface: web app, Slack, your site, and more.

  • Works with documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and more.

  • Find accurate answers across thousands of documents in seconds

  • Always-on citations and confidence scores to help you trace answers.

  • Performance improves over time as you verify answers and AI learns more about your business.


DealPage uses advanced semantic search capabilities to find accurate answers to your most difficult questions

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DealPage keeps your data secure and private.

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  • Protect your data from public AI models with our private LLMs.

  • Maintains role-based access controls for every document.

  • Flexible hosting options for teams that require them.