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Automate Repetitive Work with AI

Paige, your AI assistant, uses her understanding of your business to take care of busy work for you. Respond to a 200 question RFI or draft a custom onboarding document in minutes.

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Use Cases


Upload an RFI or RFP and have Paige draft a response for you, based on info in your knowledge base and previous proposals.

Security Reviews

Paige can work with spreadsheets too. Upload security questionnaires and get accurate responses back.

Document Creation

Use Paige to turn meeting notes into a proposal, draft a support article, or a custom onboarding guide.


Paige can read existing documents and use them as templates or instructions for your next task.

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  • Read RFPs, RFIs, and Security Questionnaires in any file format

  • Respond to hundreds of questions in minutes using advanced search and generation.

  • Turn templates into customized documents that make your customers happy

  • Real-time editing so you're always on the same page.

  • Easily create and export spreadsheets and documents based on your requirements.

  • Work with the Paige to quickly regenerate answers, revise writing, and suggest changes.

AI Document Editor

Our collaborative document editor makes it easy to work with your teammates and get from draft to approval.

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Task Management

Need input from your teammates? DealPage makes it easy.

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  • Assign sections or questions to your teammates in product, engineering, sales, or security.

  • Give tasks priorities, due dates, and statuses so you're always on the same page.

  • Notify teammates and allow them to complete tasks from Slack or Email without opening the DealPage app.