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Do More with Less

+8 hours

Time saved per SE, per week

1 extra day per week to spend reaching out to and consulting with buyers.


Presales Capacity

Provide better support on more deals  without additional headcount.


RFI response time

Virtually instant RFI responses across emails, RFPs, questionnaires, and Slack.


What Can You Do?

Manage Accounts

DealPage helps organize your transcripts, emails, notes, and documents. Use AI to assist with deal updates, meeting prep, and more.

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Sales Support

DealPage is always in sync with your documentation sites and other collateral. Instantly provide stakeholders with technical support.

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Automate Workflows

Automate time-consuming workflows like personalizing sales decks, POC plans, onboarding checklists, and RFI responses.

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Learn Faster

Leverage AI to help SEs build product expertise with each new release and learn what works from top-performing teammates.

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How it works
AI ASsistant

Meet Paige, the AI assistant built for SEs.

Instantly complete complex tasks without complex instructions.

For Presales Leadership:
Get updates on your accounts, custom reports, and detailed insights without tons of sync ups.

For ICs:
Learn from enablement materials, prep for meetings, and generate personalized decks, documents, and POC plans.

Knowledge management

An always up-to-date source of truth.

Empower your teams with instant, accurate information.

For Presales Leadership:
Manage your documentation and enablement materials. Identify gaps in documentation, review out-of-date content, and add Verified Answers.

For ICs:
Get instant answers from across your documentation and enablement materials. Automate sales support for your internal customers. Build product and demo expertise.

Account management

Manage your pipeline

DealPage automatically organizes your CRM, meeting transcripts, emails, and sales documents into Deals.

For Presales Leadership:
Assign deals, analyze performance, create custom reports, ask granular questions, and find anything instantly.

For ICs:
Prep for your meetings, create handoff materials, build personalized collateral for your prospects, and learn from closed-won deals.

Automate This...
Answering repetitive questions in Slack
Searching the CRM for information
Personalizing sales collateral
RFP Responses
Security Questionnaires

Measure impact

Understand Your Buyers

Explore valuable insights into your buyer's priorities, pain points, questions, and more with a unique source of psychographic data and dashboards.

Demonstrate ROI

Deep integrations into sales workflows allows you to measure your contributions in deals and demonstrate impact.

Get started in 3 steps

Import Content

Import content to your knowledge base via file upload or URL


Personalize your content viewing experience


Share with links, in emails, embedded in your site, or email-restricted gateway.

Follow Up

Send personalized emails that spark action with next steps, relevant content, and answers.


Seamlessly connects to what you already use.


Chat with Paige, verify answers, and start workflows

Web Content

Sync and search over any content from your web sites


Sync and search over your deals. Updates automatically.


Sync and search over your deals. Updates automatically.


Automatically upload meeting transcripts, contracts, etc.


Use the Chrome Extension to write emails and fill out forms


Import and sync any notes and knowledge base content


Import and sync documents, decks, and spreadsheets

And more!

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Saving 6-8 hours per week

"DealPage has been a magical experience for our team. It only took a few minutes to set up, but saves me 6-8 hours per week of time filling out security questionnaires and responding to RFPs. This has unblocked our deals and contract renewals."

Jacob Simon

CTO, Co-Founder