PRE-sales AI platform

Meet Paige, the first AI Sales Engineer

Paige can respond to RFPs, answer questions in Slack and email, create personalized proposals, and more.

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What Can Paige Do?


Build product and sales expertise in half the time. Paige helps SEs get started supporting new products and accounts, more quickly.

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Paige can take administrative tasks off of your plate so you can focus on your customers. Paige can personalize proposals, respond to RFPs, write follow-up emails, and more.

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Paige can step in to give your stakeholders the technical answers and account updates they need, instantly.

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Happier & More Efficient SEs

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+8 hours

Time saved per SE, per week

1 extra day per week to spend reaching out to and consulting with buyers.



Help new teammates and SEs learning new products get up-to-speed faster.


RFI response time

Virtually instant RFI responses across emails, RFPs, questionnaires, and Slack.

AI ASSIstant

Get instant answers, anytime.

Paige helps GTM teams get instant answers about anything. Ask AI about your products, to summarize account information, and more. Works across the DealPage Web App, Slack, and Chrome.

ai knowledge base

Curate your team's source of truth.

Easily build a powerful, multi-modal, AI-native Knowledge Base - replacing or augmenting your existing enablement tools.


Ramp up in 1/2 the time.

Create collections that help teammates learn about any relevant topic - competitors, products, playbooks, or whatever you see fit. Use Paige to instantly answer questions, provide personalized guidance, and recommendation further reading.

Automate This...
Answering repetitive questions in Slack
Searching the CRM for information
Post-meeting follow up emails
Deal team sync-up meetings
RFP Responses
Security Questionnaires
Personalizing Sales Presentations
So You Can Focus On...
Conducting great discovery
Providing highly personalized demos
Learning more about your products
High quality buyer support and consulting calls
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Measure impact

Understand Your Buyers

Explore valuable insights into your buyer's priorities, pain points, questions, and more with a unique source of psychographic data and dashboards.

Demonstrate ROI

Deep integrations into sales workflows allows you to measure your contributions in deals and demonstrate impact.

Get started in 3 steps

Import Content

Import content to your knowledge base via file upload or URL


Personalize your content viewing experience


Share with links, in emails, embedded in your site, or email-restricted gateway.

Follow Up

Send personalized emails that spark action with next steps, relevant content, and answers.


Seamlessly connects to what you already use.


Chat with your Paige, get notifications, and start workflows

Web Content

Sync and embed any content from your web sites


Sync leads and deals. Kick off workflows inside Hubspot


Sync leads and deals. Kick off workflows inside Salesforce


Sync your emails and draft emails with Paige


Use the Chrome Extension to write emails and fill out forms


Import and sync any notes and knowledge base content


Import and sync documents, decks, and spreadsheets

And more!

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