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DealPage helps teams provide personalized buying experiences at scale - making buyers happier and helping you win.

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simplify b2b purchases

Enable your buyers to make the right decision


Enable buyers to chat with your team and an AI assistant to get answers to their questions instead of digging through landing pages and files.


Assemble collections of content that guide buyers through their journey. Leverage in marketing and sales workflows.


Close deals in days not weeks with workflows.

Personalize & Share

Personalize content and share in organized, interactive collections for buyers to explore

Perfect Follow Ups

Send personalized emails that spark action with next steps, relevant content, and answers

Engage and Answer

Respond to buyer questions quickly and accurately with AI assistance

Create Content

Build personalized proposals, decks, quotes, MAPs and more in your templates with a few clicks

DealPage AI provides helps your team provide more personalized, accurate, and timely information in any format requested.

Track Engagement

Get deep insights into  buyer behavior and get notified when you should reach out

Simplify Handoffs

Unlock access to buyer information with AI chat over emails, meetings, CRM, and more

share content

Share engaging, personalized content

Easily build interactive collections with your existing content in any format. Drive increased engagement and convert more leads.


Understand Your Buyers

Explore valuable insights into your buyer's priorities, pain points, questions, and more with a unique source of psychographic data and dashboards

Demonstrate ROI

Deep integrations into sales workflows allows you to know what content is being used in deals and demonstrate impact

Happier Buyers & Sellers

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Buyer satisfaction as measured by CSAT scores post-purchase

-7 days

Reduction in average sales cycle length when using DealPage


Engagement with sales content when shared via DealPage

Get started in 3 steps

Import Content

Import content to your knowledge base via file upload or URL


Personalize your content viewing experience


Share with links, in emails, embedded in your site, or email-restricted gateway.


Connects to what you already use

Web Content

Import and embed any content from your web sites


Sync leads and deals. Kick off workflows inside Hubspot


Sync leads and deals. Kick off workflows inside Salesforce


Sync your emails and draft emails with your AI assistant


Chat with your AI assistant, get notifications, and start workflows


Use the Chrome Extension to get answers and fill out forms


Import and sync any notes and knowledge base content


Import and sync documents, decks, and spreadsheets

And more!

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