HOW it works

AI Platform you can build on.

DealPage ties your sales content, deal information, and answers into a single, flexible platform that can be leveraged in nearly any workflow.

knowledge base

DealPage AI learns about your business

DealPage allows you to easily import any content - including landing pages, documentation, videos, images, and presentations. Your AI Assistant uses this information to understand your business and help buyers and sellers with various tasks.


Connects to CRM and email to understand your buyers

DealPage syncs with your email, CRM, and other tools to understand your buyers and deals. Our models are trained to provide answers based on your Knowledge Base and personalize them for each situation and buyer.


Plugs into your common, painful workflows

DealPage is deeply integrated with your email and document editors (.pptx, .docx, .xlsx, and .pdf). This allows our AI to help with editing, creating, and sharing content.


Tracks and helps you understand your buyers

DealPage correlates engagement, win rates, and chat interactions with buyer profiles. This allows you to get tailored recommendations for content and answers for every opportunity.

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